Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love this site!

I found this company only by accident on the way out of Stephens Green parking garage, in a back alley. You look at it initially and just see graffiti on the wall outside, but due to the signage I was intrigued and took note of it to look up what this might be later. This site is the business that I happened to drive past.

This company is industrial design. The absolute raw brilliance of what people are capable of with every day things and some creativity.

So they layout of the home page site looks like their shop font - literally the front of a garage, I have not been inside the physical building, but I'm here to talk about how they present their site. So you access where it says enter and a portion rolls up as your would a real garage door.
Then you get carton boxes, giving the navigation - so they firstly don't use just plain old navigational buttons, they use an object, a file box to be exact - where by you cant hen extract a file out of the file box - continuous theme - clever.

In their last 2 subsections - they have only a bit of info - so went one step further, and these became pieces of paper that comes out of a file that came out of the file box - the font they have used on this is also a typewriter front to give it a very unique style and to fit in with their theme. They also use this to show their pieces of work, that drop down on paper once selected as well as visual paper clips on the pages to give authenticity.

Their in a constant background picture - as if you are then looking into their garage of work from the street.

Their colour scheme is simple - as keep constant imagery in the background. Their layout is clear and simple and easy to navigate.

They are so creative. using raw, every day object by way of reusing or recycling them and unrestricted thought to produce their unique work and it shows. Its Brilliant.

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