Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turning layout on its head

The site is a music bands website called 'no knife'. They include general news on the band, profile of the members and most important down loadable music to show off their art.

One this website loading a clear table layout is visible that has been used for the structure of the site. The same basic layout is used throughout the site with the main content changing in the middle.

What I liked the most about this site is that they have turned conventional website layout on its head, well its side to be more exact. It is the most prominent thing about the site. They have a vertical text layout. They have put their buttons on the left and right hand side of the page as opposed to the top and bottom. One downfall - but it may only be due to my specific screen size at the time of viewing the site while writing is - that their buttons on the right do not all fit on the initial screen, you have to scroll to view the complete list.

Another thing, is there is no specific home button, you have to just click on their main image at the top of the site to get back for your starting navigational point.

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