Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real World Identification

What I mean by the real world identification is relating your site, with its colours and branding and layout to a bigger universal connection. What this is, is when designing you cannot think of yourself as the inventor for example of a colour meaning. There is definitely multiple colour meanings even in different countries but universally they often signify very similar things.

Red means stop, blood, demonstrated worldwide with a stop sign or even a red traffic light.
Green for go, the earth or becoming more popular the connection to recycling. It can be shown with a green traffic light.
Blue for water, the sea.
Orange for caution as like above examples, on a traffic light.

With the above in mind you cant design without any outside influence and worldwide interpretation of how you output your design.

On the site listed below I found very precise universal influence portrayed which then helps with the interpretations of his symbols that are being used. The importance of taking into account outside influence helps for better understanding in portraying your objective.

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